Lula and the Rainbow Rocket

About the Writer

Hazel Boomkamp-Lee was born and educated in England. After training and qualifying in London, she worked as an occupational therapist in London and in the Netherlands. After retiring from occupational therapy several years ago, she continued with her hobby of teaching English as a foreign language to Dutch adults and individual school children.

A news story from the Chichester Observer

Hazel and her book were featured in the Chichester Observer in August 2009 (click to see a larger version).

Like many a future writer, Hazel Boomkamp-Lee was not only an avid reader as a child, but also composed articles and poems. One of her articles about “good manners” won her a bone china tea-set at the age of twelve. Later she came second in a regional poetry competition when she was in her teens. The words, “You are a poet, Hazel,” said by her teacher at the time, Benet Weatherhead, inspired her to have a shot at writing in her later years. She began writing “Lula and the Rainbow Rocket” a while back. Recently completed (phew!), she hopes that children (disabled and able-bodied) will like it.