Lula and the Rainbow Rocket

Acclaim for “Lula and the Rainbow Rocket”

An inspiring and brilliant book — a true treasure suitable for readers of all ages. Easy to read and exceptionally-well set to provide a hymn to the human will and faith.


My daughter loved it as I am a wheelchair user and I'm not so different!

Alice is into everything just like Lula!!

Thanks! Sheila

Dr. S. Summers “Sheila” (Scotland, U.K.)

“Lula and the Rainbow Rocket” is a rollicking and humorous story. Her determination to succeed makes this such a positive and life-affirming read and the whacky adventures she has along the way makes the story all the more enjoyable.

Lula, the central character is an immensely likeable, curious, plucky, energetic and extremely capable girl who overcomes a devastating accident that renders her paraplegic and a wheel chair user.

The places and characters have been brought to life by imaginative names and descriptive and amusing similes which had me chuckling out loud on many occasions. Promisingly, the clever ending is full of future possibilities for further adventures. If you are looking for a positive role model, Lula fits the bill perfectly.

Sandy, U.K.

I think this book is fantastic and exciting. The author described the characters really well and I couldn't wait to read the next chapter.

I would give this book ‘4 Stars.’

Bye Bye!

Emily, aged 9, U.K.

I liked “Lula and the Rainbow Rocket” and would read it again. I found it easy to read. I enjoyed all the funny names and all the people at Pumpookia. I was glad the bully became good in the end and included Lula. I found the kidnapping a little bit scary but my favourite character was Lula. I didn't feel sorry for her because being in a wheelchair didn't stop her from doing what she wanted.

Isabel, aged 10, U.K.

“Lula and the Rainbow Rocket” is outstanding! Lula has extraordinary enthusiasm, and she reminded me of my daughter when she was a teenager (wanted to excel in everything). I especially liked how you developed the relationship between Lula and Roxy. When I was a child, there was a girl in my class as mischievous as Roxy, but later in life she turned out to be a really nice person. And Walter, well, your description of him makes me laugh and he is such a lovable character. I hope that he and Mrs. Sluggett developed a beautiful romance.

My congratulations to Hazel for writing such a wonderful book! It is a very interesting story, and I hope that Hazel will continue it in future publications. Perhaps one day it will be the next "Harry Potter" movie. It has great potential.

I am proud to tell my friends that I know an author in Holland.

Lula is a wonderful role model for children with and without handicaps.

Thanks again for a wonderful book,


Gene, U.S.A.

Magnificient book!

Brian, U.K.

I loved it!

Carole, Switzerland

If you can get Lula or Roxy or Mr Humming to find the woolly glove again, you could write a whole series of books with all their adventures in different places!

Don't stop with one!!

Lynda, The Netherlands

Positief, leuk en vol humor (the dancing moustache of the father) vind ik jouw boekje!!!!

Ook het woord vooraf heeft me ontroerd.

Het is een echt ‘feel good’ boek!

Henny, The Netherlands

Brilliant book! Super!

Gwenda, The Netherlands

From the Spinal Injuries Association U.K.

Hazel is a former occupational therapist who worked in London and the Netherlands before she retired. She has written for pleasure since her early teens but it is only now she has ventured into print with her first novel for young people.

The book is about Lula, an 11-year-old spinal cord injured girl, who has to cope with quite a lot in her non-disabled world. Not only does she have to adjust to life after her accident, but she is badly bullied by a girl at school.

As there are so few books written that feature wheelchair users, SIA staff were keen to read and review this book. We also thought we should ask a couple of children for their viewpoint!

As adult readers we found Lula just too perfect and too mature for an 11 year old. She copes with everything so well, gets her own back on the school bully without doing anything despicable herself and is secure in her faith, her life and her emotions. Very irritating!

Our nine-year-old reviewer loved the story but needed help to read it as the language is quite adult.

The story is not gloomy; in fact it's funny and quite exciting at times as Lula develops a great relationship with her neighbour, Mr. Humming, who has a range of magical items and skills which he is happy to share with her. This magic helps Lula to outwit her enemies and have some adventures along the way.

We think the addition of some professional illustrations throughout the book, would enhance the story considerably and help target the appropriate age group.

There is definitely a place in children's literature for a novel like this, giving strong and positive role models to other SCI children and if any reader of ‘Forward’ has a child of the appropriate age we would encourage you to get a copy.

‘Forward’ magazine, April 2010